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Their, There, They’re

It can refer to the space around a conversation partner, or away from both speakers. Other languages use very different words to describe space. A fun example is Japanese, which uses not two but three different words:. Portuguese, Armenian and Ukrainian also use three types.

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They are special because in every language on the planet they are some of the most frequently used words. What words for space do you use in your native language?

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Pronoun that introduces a noun or clause. There is something strange going on.

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Is there a phone? Adjective that emphasizes which person.

Kagamine Rin - Here and There (彼方此方) by DATEKEN

That guy there seems to be in trouble. Those there look good.

Their, There, They’re | Lawless English

Noun that means "that place. From there, we drove to Boston. If the word means "belonging to them," use their. Otherwise, there is only one correct answer: You must be logged in to post a comment. Their Their is the third person plural possessive adjective, used to describe something as belong to them. There There has several different uses.