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Each PhD student is required to follow during his thesis at least hours of doctoral education, divided into:. For example none of cases presented give rises to automatic exemption:. Most professional training proposed in the Adum Catalogue are free because funded by Paris Saclay institution members. The only exception concerns thematic summer schools for which the STIC DS offers partial funding; one or two application calls will be issued each year; unsolicited application cannot ever be considered.

Neither a training application nor a training registration is an evidence of attendance. The PhD student supervisor is the best person for advising you to select and plan doctoral training. Any question about the doctoral education and the form should be addressed by email to the education contact person of the cluster see contact webpage. For PhD students reaching their second year or more, a review of training undertaken will be done before the next registration or before their defense. An explicit request will be send in this regard.

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The requirements of former doctoral schools will be taken into account. Professional training courses are more specifically dedicated to the preparation of the future employment of PhD graduates. See in particular the doctoral programme for training. Part of the courses are organized in tracks , specialized toward jobs for PhD graduates, bringing a clear consistency and optionally providing a recognized certification. The Adum Catalogue offers a wide range of professional training mainly in the following categories:.

The STIC doctoral school is publishing its forth call for summer school funding support. The financial support offered does not exceed euros per PhD Student and may not cover the whole expenses. It is thus important to get a co-funding. The support is send to and managed by the research unit of the Phd Student. PhD students who have already been awarded are not eligible. It should be send by e-mail according to the cluster you belong to.

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The DS releases each year a call for mobility in order to financialy support such visits. The financial support does not exceed euros and it is mandatory to provide a proof of co-funding.

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The financial support is transfered to and managed by the research unit of the PhD student. PhD students who have already been awarded for a mobility are not eligible. Composition du Jury — 2 mois avant la soutenance et 4 semaines au plus tard: Il est important d'anticiper le choix d'une date de soutenance.

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Sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication STIC. Sa composition est la suivante: Application form see Annex should be send by email at edstic lri.

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Announcement of the results. A few french words that should enlighten the content of this page: Information Theory meets Human-Computer Interaction". Laboratoire de recherche en informatique LRI En savoir plus. Le recrutement se fait suivant deux modes: Recruting PhD student follows two differents tracks: Pour constituer votre dossier de candidature, saisissez sous ADUM les informations suivantes: Missions Hors Recherche En construction. Le labex DigiCosme est partenanire de ce programme.

You have an ADUM account. Fill out carefully your profile information. It will be used all along your PhD training. Get some help from your advisor or from the secretary of your pole. Please read it carefully, modify it if necessary with the help of your supervisor. It should be pre-filled too.

Finalize the pedagogical registration process. Who is your referent? Update your profile and PhD training ageement if necessary with the help of your supervisor.

These documents have to be assembled, in the requested order , in one pdf file and downloaded on Adum. You must prepare the following documents: It should be pre-filled. These documents have to be assembled in one pdf file and downloaded on Adum.

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Autres inscriptions English translation available here. Que doit faire le doctorant? Three types of follow up processes are run. What should the PhD Student do? Fill out the self-assessment questionnaire. For a re-registration in the 4th year, a specific interview is organized by the pole management. Who is the referent fellow?

When does the mid-term evaluation take place? Write a paper pages describing the thesis topic and the results achieved, the work in progress and the future work. This document may be based on a submitted or published article. This list should be organized in two parts: Neither the supervisor nor the co-supervisor are part of the evaluation committee. How to set-up the evaluation committee? The evaluation meeting is organized as follows: Outcome and sending the evaluation report Following the mid-term evaluation, the committee produces an assessment report where recommendations can be included helping for future work directions or other matters.

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May 15th, Application dealine: Le dossier de candidature devra comporter: Mai, 4th Application: End of July Award ceremony: The application file should include: See the 56 documents. Robert Musil et la question anthropologique. See the 16 documents. Philosophie de la logique et philosophie du langage. See the 6 documents.

Philosophie du langage et de la connaissance. Colloque Elias Canetti 2. Traducteur 1 document Contenu dans: Que peut-on faire de la religion? Photographe 1 document Nicolas Bouvier. Documents about this author Documents about the author Jacques Bouveresse See the 3 documents about this author. Jacques Bouveresse in the data. Sources and references Link to the main catalogue http: Sources Le Pays des possibles: Equivalent record in Wikidata: Equivalent page in Dbpedia.

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