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Share this Rating Title: Forbidden Attraction 4. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I can believe in magic and aliens and alternate histories and all other sorts strangeness. But it is monumentally difficult to suspend my disbelief to the point that I can buy the characters in this novel as being even remotely real, non-crazy all of them: Nora, Clare, and James would have to be insane to think and behave as they do in this novel human beings.

This novel is just so outlandish that I am aghast that a publisher would let such sheer and utter nonsense into print without heavy editing--because there is, actually, the makings of a decent narrative here, but it is so psychologically improbable that it boggles the mind that an editor did not send this back to the author for some major re-working of the characters and their motives.

Yet I have rated this novel 2 stars and not 1 star. I give it 2 stars rather than just 1 because I do see some promise. I hear the voice of a writer who has the makings of a good story-teller. And this is, after all, a debut novel.

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So, although this review is, I admit, rather harsh, I don't want to be just mean and nasty because that's not my intent. Despite its many problems, In a Dark, Dark Wood does contain the germ of a good story, and the story was not so bad that I did not finish. I did read all the way to the end. I did want to find out, ultimately, who had killed James and why, so my interest was maintained although I was deeply disappointed in the ending itself and in the character development. It is not a horror novel. It is not remotely scary.

If we are going to place it in a genre, it would be more aptly labeled a mystery or a thriller--though it is not all that thrilling. Comparing women writers whose books feature women protagonists to Flynn has become de rigeur, but it is particularly appalling in this case. In a Dark, Dark Wood features a lead character who possesses nothing of the strength, intelligence, resourcefulness, charm, or personality of any of Flynn's protagonists, and the narrative itself lacks the polish, the character development, the plotting, and the genuinely and realistically surprising twists of Flynn's novels.

Yet again, we are promised Flynn and get nothing of the kind. View all comments. In a dark, d this is a truly beautiful ARC, one of the nicest i've seen: In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house; And in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room; And in the dark, dark room there was a dark, dark cupboard; And in the dark, dark box there was a In a dark, dark wood there was a dark, dark house; And in the dark, dark house there was a dark, dark room; And in the dark, dark room there was a dark, dark cupboard; And in the dark, dark cupboard there was a dark, dark shelf; And on the dark, dark shelf there was a dark, dark box; And in the dark, dark box there was a Google was spattered with images of him - pictures of him in costume, onstage, publicity stills, shots of him smiling at charity functions and opening nights.

The ones I couldn't bear were the ones in which he was looking directly at the camera, directly out of the screen, at me.

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  8. When I scrolled down to one where he was naked onstage, in Equus , I had closed the browser with shaking hands, as if I'd stumbled on something violent or obscene. View all 73 comments. Honestly one of the worst books I have read this year, and I definitely cannot recommend it as a tense crime novel!!! In a Dark, Dark Wood is the antithesis of what a thriller should be. It's hugely predictable, very slow paced, has big plot holes, and was downright boring. I found the writing style to be quite amateurish, and the characters very immature and one dimensional.

    These women are supposed to be adults, and in their mid to late twenties - yet they came across as judgemental, bitchy, und Honestly one of the worst books I have read this year, and I definitely cannot recommend it as a tense crime novel!!! These women are supposed to be adults, and in their mid to late twenties - yet they came across as judgemental, bitchy, under confident teenage girls. None of the characters are likable, and I didn't end up rooting for any of them, or caring who died or survived. The flow of the book didn't work for me either.

    As it was easy to guess who was "bad guy" VERY early on. There was no exciting build up, and it seemed to limp on and on and on If crime novels or thrillers are your favourite genre of book, I would suggest you look elsewhere for a story that will keep you gripped and entertained. There is nothing original, or fresh here - its not even a good re-hash. View all 43 comments. Lourelie just finished it. Totally agree with you! Rachelle Hermanson I agree with Melissa Norris on this one. The review on the front states "Prepare to be scared I didn't really I agree with Melissa Norris on this one.

    I didn't really find this book scary. It was pretty easy to figure out who the villain was, but it did kind of keep me guessing in some ways. I guess I was hoping it wasn't what I thought. Jun 24, Miranda Reads rated it liked it. She hasn't looked back since.

    She just got an invite to Clare's Hen Party bacholorette weekend and despite her misgivings, she decides to go. She's spent so much time running from 3. She's spent so much time running from her past that she thought she could handle facing it The whole thing had been painful to the point of nausea, made worse by covert sympathetic looks from Nina. If there's one thing I dislike more than being hurt, it's being seen to be hurt.

    So now, Nora is stuck with Clare the backstabber , Nina training to be a doctor , Tom a gay playwright , Melanie a young mother and Flo a carbon-copy of Clare. All of them are stuck in the glass house in the middle of the woods until this party is over. And when the party ends, it's not with a whimper but with a bang.

    All in all , not a bad book per say. I liked how Ruth Ware structured the novel. We have the past the Hen Party interspersed with the present Nora recovering from a car accident until the two timelines merge. Both sections were compelling but they felt a little flat to me - the characters didn't wow me, they didn't feel like real people - they each had a role and they played it perfectly. I predicted the ending. I'm not saying that to brag I am the worst ending-predictor ever and proud of it.

    I deliberately try not to guess because I love being surprised. Audiobook Comments Read by Imogene Church - an absolute legend! View all 22 comments. This book left me in such anger. The beginning was so fast and I was so sucked in and then the middle left me feeling lethargic and as if I were reading as I was walking through mud. The end totally blew my mind. I couldn't believe it happened the way it did The assortment of characters are absolutely uncanny.

    The Deep Dark Woods

    Such a strange cast of characters but when written together it was absolutely perfect. I liked it and then I hated it.. I liked it and then I hated it I love how it all came together but then I hate it at the same time and I can't say why You have to read it yourself but when you do you will think Oh how I hate this But at the same time still find it hard to put down.

    View all 37 comments. Aug 16, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: Writer Leonora Nora Shaw gets invited to old friend Clare's hen night aka bachelorette party by a girl named Flo. It is being held in Flo's aunt's house. Nora lost touch with Clare years ago, hasn't spoken to her in ten years, and doesn't know if she wants to go to this party. But after talking to another friend who is also invited Nina Nora reluctantly decides to go. Nora and Nina arrive at the house where the party is being held, which is isolated in the woods in Northumberland.

    It's a Writer Leonora Nora Shaw gets invited to old friend Clare's hen night aka bachelorette party by a girl named Flo. It's a very strange looking house, mostly glass, and it makes Nora uncomfortable to be in it. Then, one night, they hear an intruder moving about downstairs in the night. Flo grabs the gun off the wall which isn't supposed to be loaded and the intruder is shot This book began with an injured, battered, and bruised Nora, who is experiencing some memory loss, in the hospital, overhearing the police discussing a murder. Is she a suspect?

    Who has been murdered? This was an entertaining read. I found the glass house in the dark, isolated woods an eerie setting for this story. And I was curious to find out what was going to happen next and who the murderer was. An enjoyable, atmospheric read with secrets from the past, mystery, and suspense. View all 28 comments. This was a mediocre story that had all the makings of something better than it was. I would describe it as a light mystery.

    It wasn't a thriller. It wasn't dark or scary. The voice of the narrator was lovely, the music at the beginning and end creepy but the story itself was slow and a bit clunky at times It reminded me first of an Agatha Christie mystery, then of a s This was a mediocre story that had all the makings of something better than it was. It reminded me first of an Agatha Christie mystery, then of a show like Pretty Little Liars, and then of the game of Clue. The story was entertaining enough but I would have enjoyed it more had it taken less time getting to the action of it all.

    I found it more compelling toward the end and so I will go with 3 stars, but I feel I'm stretching to get there. View all 13 comments. This was a quick and easy read. I feel that my lack of enthusiasm for this book was largely affected by my expectations being set too high. I really wanted to like this book more than I did. I was expecting more of that heart-pounding, suspenseful writing that kept me on the edge of my seat, however, I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed upon finishing this book. This story dragged on and was somewhat pre 2.

    This story dragged on and was somewhat predictable to the point that I found myself skimming over parts. None of the characters were likeable to me. Several of them were frustratingly self-absorbed and rather annoying. The inner turmoil that Nora feels is extremely repetitive - reference to her secret was overkill to me - her inner dialogue and thoughts about it grew to become irritating.

    There were also several situations that seemed far-fetched. I liked that each chapter left a small cliff hanger that kept me hungry for what would happen next. Though the story was somewhat predictable, it still kept stringing me along making me think perhaps I was wrong in my assumptions. Unfortunately I was not. If you haven't read this author before, I strongly suggest trying out her second novel "The Woman in Cabin 10" as I found that to be a much more thrilling and enjoyable read.

    View all 41 comments. After a bachelorette Hen party, Lenora wakes up in a hospital bed badly bruised and confused with a bandaged head and memory loss; and when she overhears a devastating police conversation outside her door, she begins to piece together the nightmare of a weekend that brought her there. Based on the title, In The Dark Dark Wood and the great eerie book cover, I was hoping for creepiness and devilment in the snowy outdoors, but instead received a fair to middling somewhat predictable crime-myste After a bachelorette Hen party, Lenora wakes up in a hospital bed badly bruised and confused with a bandaged head and memory loss; and when she overhears a devastating police conversation outside her door, she begins to piece together the nightmare of a weekend that brought her there.

    View all 15 comments. I have had the actual book for awhile now and for some reason, every time I picked it up I just could not stay with it due to my unfortunate yet seasonably short attention span. As happens so many times, a beautifully made audio version of the same book will quickly suck me in, even if I just read the same words myself and they seemed so uninteresting in my own head.

    The Deep Dark Woods + Kacy & Clayton

    The fabulous Imogen Church is the narrator, she is wonderful and a one-woman show, acting out all the voices with authentically nuanced personality traits. Church is also reading Ruth Ware's next two books and I will definitely be listening. I really liked this book. For me, the audio version is much more entertaining and suspenseful than reading it with my own eyeballs.

    So, maybe, Reese Witherspoon will take it up the next step and the movie version will be even better!!? The story revolves between six frenemies tucked away for a "hen party" in a cottage in a dark wood far away from civilization. I guarantee that you have never been to a bachelorette party like this. The creepy location, the sarcastic barbs the "friends" hurl on each other, the drug use, the Ouji board playing, and last, but not least, clay pigeon shooting as the main activity, all work together to create plenty of foreshadowing of the murder we know is going to happen.

    But, which of the friends is the killer? And who gets killed? The book is written in a first person POV by Nora who has unfortunately suffered a terrible head trauma and is, therefore, a most unreliable narrator yippeeeee, I love unreliable narrators! The story pays homage to the Agatha Christie "locked room" murder motif, one of many a mystery lover's favorite plot devices.

    You will figure out the ending way before the main character does sadly, no plot twist , it is an excellently written psychological mystery and a tremendous debut for Ruth Ware. Come to my blog for a review of the new Playster app touting itself to be bigger and better than Audible!

    View all 14 comments. Review may contain spoilers! Damnnnnnnnnn WTF did i just read! OMG this is so creppy and amazing: This book is a crime novel: I plan to discuss that twist below. From all fucking 7 billion human on this planet you chose him! View all 27 comments. Apr 11, Theresa rated it liked it. This is a tough one. I had 2 main problems. The first being, the writing. I will say I did enjoy the plot, even though the pay-off was mediocre at best. This is the story of a hen night bachelorette party for us Americans in the English countryside gone awry.

    The beginning was fast-paced and sucked me in, but halfway through, the plot started to cave in on This is a tough one. The beginning was fast-paced and sucked me in, but halfway through, the plot started to cave in on its self. I feel like Ruth Ware's writing was uneven and frustrating to get through.

    There's a lot of rehashing. Too much verifying scenes that took place in the previous chapters. Leonora is what you call an unreliable narrator. I found Leonora to be one-dimensional and a bit boring. Leonora also lacked self-awareness. She was completely oblivious to everything around her. I found her annoying and not the sharpest tool in the shed. I knew the so-called "twist" less than pages in. I kept hoping for a "gotcha" moment towards the end but it never happened.

    The Deep Dark Woods - Wikipedia

    This book didn't scare me in the slightest. It was just a modest and overrated psychological thriller. I did enjoy the supporting characters like the sarcastic and quick-witted, Nina, and the emotionally unhinged, Flo. These 2 ladies had the best dialogue. As for the rest of them: Like watching paint dry. I've heard Reese Witherspoon's production company is turning this novel into a major motion picture.

    I actually think this novel could work as a feature film because the plot is entertaining in chick-flick kind of way. Ruth Ware is not a bad writer, she's just not as polished and refined yet, this is her debut novel so I'll cut her some slack. It's a mixed bag for me. View all 8 comments. Lee is a writer, she lives on her own. She gets invited out of the blue to an old friends hen do, from Flo the Matron of Honor. Something happened between her old friend and herself. They have not seen each other for around 10 years. She contacts another friend to find out if she has been invited too.

    And they both decide to go together. The place they have to stay at where they are meeting up is a bit 'out of the way', and only a couple of other friends accepted the invitation as it was short notice. You wonder where her friend is when they arrive, there is Flo to welcome them in. You also wonder what happened between herself and her friend all those years ago. This is not just a hen party, clubbing and pubbing, no this is being held within the confines of this home.

    Her aunt goes away in the winter leaving this home empty. Emma soon gets to meet up with Claire again. We find Claire and Flo an odd couple of friends and left wondering what is between them too. Flo is always in Claire's shadow, right to wearing the same clothes at times, what's that all about. Years ago Lee was in Claire's shadow always feeling the lesser of the two. Returning after 10 years seems to throw them right back in time to how is used to be. Except, each of them have their own lives now. Another friend there is Mel. She has a 6 month old baby she has left behind with the Father.

    But she realizes that she may have left her child too early. She's never left her baby before, not even for a night. And constantly wants to keep in contact by phone with her husband to see how things are going. But the telephones do not always work, out in the remote, and cell phones are even worse. Thomas is another one there. He is gay, and he has a partner, we learn that he had an argument with him before coming away.

    We jump back and forth between the events and Lee being in hospital. What lead up to that? Lee cannot recall anything, zilch of that night. Then it jumps back to the house again and the events that went on leading up to it. It does this several times with ease. This is a great debut novel. Its kept my attention and my inquisitiveness going from start to end. When the secret came out, I was gob smacked. It all fitted together. The last chapters left me in no doubt at all about how each character fitted to each part. My full attention was on the latter chapters wanting to know and eager to know how this was going to end.

    She writes with a confidant flair and each descriptive word had meaning, allowing you to be sucked in and devour every word. No dips of pace. I wasn't bored or distracted once, quite the reverse.

    Darkwoods: Public access

    View all 17 comments. In a Dark, Dark Wood What originally lured me to this novel was the synopsis: Sounded like a nice to way to immerse myself in some fluffy, brain-candy kind of story. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was short-lived. Perhaps I am on the wrong demographic for this novel, but I found this book tedious, repetitive and frankly not very original. The writing was subpar bordering on mediocre, and In a Dark, Dark Wood What originally lured me to this novel was the synopsis: The writing was subpar bordering on mediocre, and the plot farfetched and predictable.

    Setting a hen party on a remote cottage in the woods known as the "Glass House" was I guess, supposed to serve as the perfect metaphor representing life as a stage where we are the actors on a play or something. Instead it comes across as a force device that never delivered any particular memorable, insightful or inspiring moment.

    And really how many times do we need to hear that the protagonist is tired or cold or needs to remember what happened!!?? These characters are not only dislikable, they are immature and obnoxious. I usually don't mind unpalatable characters but as the reader, I need to CARE what's going to happen to them or at least there needs to be a solid story behind them.

    Sadly that was not the case here. A thriller that wasn't that thrilling. View all 16 comments. Seriously addictive and with such a gorgeous flow that you could easily read it in one sitting if you have a free afternoon, In a Dark Dark Wood is definitely up there with the best psychological thrillers I have read.

    Ruth Ware has a subtle yet affecting descriptive quality to her writing that sinks into your psyche, making this an edgy and highly intriguing read. So we have Nora then — invited rather randomly and out of the blue to the hen party of an old friend she has not seen for ages, she is in two minds as to whether or not to go. Ultimately she makes the decision to attend, a decision that will change the course of her life… The plot is tense, claustrophobic and completely fascinating — a small cast set up in a tightly woven environment where secrets hover just beneath the surface waiting to jump out — the entire character group are beautifully drawn both individually and in their interactions with each other.

    The author weaves a web of deceit around her carefully set pieces and the whole thing is just really so readable, involving and entirely captivating. The ultimate solution may or may not surprise you but in this case the journey is the thing and the extremely compelling utterly riveting story unfolding before you.

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    View all 7 comments. Find all of my reviews at: In A Dark Dark Wood is a book that I spent the better part of the year waiting for my turn to come around at the library. I was just kind of digging the goings on at the Hen Weekend. What made this one work was all in the storytelling. View all 4 comments. Oct 03, Li'l Owl rated it it was amazing Shelves: In a dark, dark wood There is a dark, dark house With a few odd, strange friends Invited to an odder, stranger Hen And something that warns M uuu rrr d eee rrr eee rrr Leonora Shore wakes to discover she's in hospital but has no memory of what happened.

    She's been told she's been in a car accident and has banged her head very hard at least once and she's got a bandage on her forehead. As she fades in and out of a morphine haze she tries to remember what happened. She remem Oh, my! She remembers that she had been at a Hen party that weekend for an old school friend, Clair, but the memory of the accident and of much of the time leading up to it refuses to break through the fog. A week before, Nora received an email from someone named Flo inviting her to a Hen party for Clair Cavana. She and Clair had been best friends since primary school but she hadn't seen or heard from her in ten years, not since Why then, would she be invited to a small group of Claire's friends for one last party before she gets married.

    It doesn't say who the groom is, only that Clair would really like to see her. Against her better judgement she agrees to go, but only as a pact with her friend Nina, another mutual friend from school, to go together. Unlike she and Clair, Nora and Nina have kept in touch and they see each other occasionally.

    We Shall Do TERRIBLE Things Together: Darkwood Part 1

    When Nina and Nora arrive at the house where the Hen party is being held over the weekend they find themselves looking at a glass house as it has so many floor to ceiling windows. And it's surrounded on all sides by dark woods. Clair drops a bomb when she explains why she wanted to see Nora now, after ten years. I'm not going to spoil it for you!