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It instantly makes me feel so much better just to sing at the top of my lungs. It just makes everything seem like it's going to be ok. My dad used to play this for me when I was little. I think it was the first Van Morrison song I ever heard.

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What a way to start! Now, years later I am hooked to Van! No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment I think theres a very whimsical meaning to this song. I don't think that he's being literal by any means. I associate his use of 'Mystic' as the unknown. I love this song too. I want it to be my first dance when I get married next year. This was our first dance song and I completely agree with you that there's a very whimsical meaning to this song.

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Flag hassy on March 18, General Comment A long life friend passed away this September 11, Into the mystic was the song played. I didn't know the musical line up of songs or speakers etc. All I can say, this was one of the best songs I've ever heard playing at a funeral- gave me shivers I don't know meaning of the song- but the part of going HOME and not fearing it.

Into the Mystic

Said so much to me.. I do believe it is a song of living life until death departure. This funeral and my brothers funeral- had best songs ever played- my brothers song were "Wish you were here" and "Shine on you Crazy Diamond". Both By- Pink Floyd.. Jovia your comment is so moving to me. When my husband, who loved sailing, life and Van Morrison and had no fear of death, died last year, I could think of no more appropriate song to play at the ceremony than "into the mystic".

I too believe it's about living life to the fullest and not fearing death. I also chose Wish you were here. Whenever I here these songs I want to cry but into the mystic is also comforting. Flag els on September 04, General Comment great songs and poetry are greater than the sum of their parts. They also launch our consciousness to expand beyond narrow and shallow fixed beliefs.

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A metaphysical metaphor if there ever was one. The mystics ode to Life love and death Lyre heart above is also on to something. Shifting his laboratory focus away from animals and drugs of abuse, Griffiths homed in on psychedelics. The idea and the experiment were not new, of course. The novelist Aldous Huxley first tried psychedelics in the early s and famously continued ingesting them to the very end. In , dying of laryngeal cancer and unable to speak, he made a written request of his wife to inject him with LSD on his deathbed so that he could leave this world in a psychedelic swirl of stars.

What Huxley wanted, and what the work of Griffiths could realize, is for death to be less of a physiological process and more of a spiritual one. He decided to explore whether LSD might be an effective alternative. In a study published in , he compared the analgesic properties of Demerol and Dilaudid with those of LSD. The subjects of the study were 50 people suffering from various severe cancers, gangrene of the feet and legs, and a single case of shingles.

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Wasson had heard stories of magic mushroom ceremonies in Mexico that supposedly occurred only under the cover of darkness and were led by a sacred shaman. On June 29, , Wasson and his friend Allan Richardson traveled to a remote Mexican village in Oaxaca, in the Mixteca region, in search of teonanacatl. Wasson wrote a Life magazine story about it two years later.

The village was small, dusty and sunstruck, its streets eerily empty. At an altitude of 5, feet, it was remote, and the past so well preserved, that most native inhabitants still spoke no Spanish. The room was filled with locals sitting on mats, waiting to be served. Before midnight, the mother and daughter shamans passed out the mushrooms, giving each adult a portion and keeping most for themselves.

Richardson had promised his wife he would not ingest any mushrooms, but he found himself swept into the ceremony, as was Wasson, for whom this was the culminating moment in a long pursuit. Both men bit into the fresh fungi and chewed them slowly.

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After half an hour had passed, spectacular visions began appearing to Wasson — a steady stream of gorgeous geometrics, then palaces of pearl, gardens, chariots pulled by mythological beasts. Each image was perfectly etched, clearer than clear, so that Wasson felt that for the first time he was really seeing reality.

Wasson and Richardson were utterly awed by their experience. On successive trips, they brought along world-renowned mushroom expert Roger Heim in an effort to identify all the types of hallucinogenic mushrooms and to procure enough of a supply that it could be used for laboratory study. Eventually, mushrooms were sent to Albert Hofmann, the first man to synthesize LSD, at the laboratory of the pharmaceutical firm Sandoz in Basel, Switzerland.

He then ate them in Cuernavaca, Mexico, leading him to conceive of and implement the Harvard Psilocybin Project, whose goal was to study the effects of hallucinogens on a wide range of subjects: From to , Doblin did a follow-up of the Good Friday Experiment, identifying all but one of the divinity students who took part in the study and interviewing the 16 who agreed to participate, including seven of the 10 who had taken psilocybin.

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One of them even charged from the chapel and raced down the street, filled with the conviction that he was meant to announce the next Messiah, after which he had to be restrained and administered a tranquilizing shot of Thorazine to bring him back inside the chapel. The drugs became part of protests and alternative lifestyles, eventually causing the Nixon administration, in October , to sign the Controlled Substances Act, making all psychedelics illegal.

The Drug Enforcement Administration put them on Schedule 1, reserved for the highest-risk drugs with the most severe penalties attached, effectively erasing these substances not only from the culture but also from science. It is only in recent years, with the War on Drugs finally fading, that a new group of scientists is lifting the lid and peering at past work.

Research is now taking place at several universities, but permission remains hard to obtain because psychedelics are stained by the excesses of the s, a fact that makes both the scientists and their respective governments extremely cautious. We want to be seen as serious scientists. The goal of these recent end-of-life psilocybin experiments is to determine whether it is possible to reduce or even remove the fear of dying in end-stage cancer patients and perhaps, in future years, in healthy subjects as well. Doblin, however, finds that use of the drug too limiting. Here was something she could do, Vincent thought.

She sent in her name on a long shot and was pleasantly surprised when the Johns Hopkins team got in touch with her.

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