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When the Baker scandal began, LBJ fled to his Texas ranch and stayed there through much of the autumn of He knew that the Baker affair would scupper any chance of his running again as Vice President on any Kennedy ticket in Even if he avoided jail, his political career was over. Then, several times, Mr Banister brought me upstairs, and in the office above I saw various writings stuck up on the wall pertaining to Cuba. There were various leaflets up there pertaining to Fair Play for Cuba. Robert Kennedy obviously learned about the plan to mount a fake attack on the US Guantanamo base during the Bay of Pigs operation.

He advocated the same idea during the Cuban Missile Crisis as a pretext to invade. There are numerous books on the Bay of Pigs. Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs and the documents in the JFK Library especially the exchanges about the cancelled airstrikes. The biography of Ben Gurion in Wikipedia is comprehensive and accurate and, like all Wiki entries, gives a valuable list of primary sources. For example, after an IDF attack on an Arab village, Quibyam on 19 October by IDF Special Forces which massacred sixty-nine Arabs, two thirds of them women and children, and destroyed forty-five houses, a school, and a mosque, Ben-Gurion publicly asserted that the raid had been carried out by Israeli civilians — although he had personally ordered the IDF attack.

In what was a barefaced lie, he said on radio:. The Government of Israel rejects with all vigor the absurd and fantastic allegation that men of the IDF took part in the action. We have carried out a searching investigation and it is clear beyond doubt that not a single army unit was absent from its base on the night of the attack on Qibya. If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. They only see one thing: Why should they accept that?

Assuming it was correct it probably was, as the witness Mrs Markham was leaving her house to catch the 1. The honour spawned a number of articles about him and his exploits. See Montreal newspapers various for details plus the Toronto Globe and Mail , which also carry his obituaries. Details can be found on both the Canadian and the French Legal Directories for the time.

Kennedy was organised by Bloomfield and Permindex. Edgar Hoover and William Sullivan. Torbitt claims that Bloomfield was in control of the operation. Bloomfield, who donated his papers in to the Canadian Public Archives, under the condition that they were to be released 20 years after his death i.

His archives contain hundreds of pieces such as cables and letters documenting the activities of the organisation. Details of the court case can be followed in the various Canadian Court reports. At the time of writing it still remains bogged down in the Canadian courts. The travails of the first black Secret Service Agent on the Presidential detail are well described with detailed references in Ultimate Sacrifice. He surfaced 44 years later in November , telling his story to the American media. Turner Rice, Dawn 18 January The testimony of Bowers and the deaf mute Hoffmann is too close to be explained away as coincidence.

See the Warren Commission Hearings, vol. See t he Testimony of Lee Bowers, Jr. See Warren Commission Hearings and Testimony. Online, Brading-Braden gets a lot of attention: In Samuel set up shop as a alcoholic beverages distributor, founding the Distillers Corporation in Montreal in , specializing in cheap whiskey. Newman , Bronfman Dynasty: King of the Castle: The Making of a Dynasty. Bronfman eventually built an empire based on the appeal of brand names developed previously by Seagram. See The Seagram Company Ltd. See also, Christopher G.

Year Edition Before her death on 22 June , author and lecturer Robert Gaylon Ross had the opportunity to conduct an minute interview with Madeleine Duncan Brown and from that lengthy discussion, her version of exactly who was behind the assassination of JFK was exposed. Kennedy was elected as presidential candidate with Johnson as his running mate, where H.

Hunt, an American oil tycoon, and Lyndon Johnson hatched the assassination plot. Some key extracts are:. Hunt met three days prior to the election — they finally cut a deal according to John Currington an aide to H. Brown said that in the immediate aftermath of the convention Hunt and Johnson mapped out a strategy to kill Kennedy. Brown was in Dallas in the day of the assassination but just as the parade for Kennedy was beginning she left and began driving towards Austin, first stopping off to have a haircut.

Upon entering a hair salon she saw the news that Kennedy had been shot and immediately thought to call Lou Sterret , who was an Austin media mogul.

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The Warren Commission made the bullet, exhibit CE , central to their findings and the single-bullet theory. He fired at animal carcasses and, finally, in desperation even at soft blocks of gelatine. In every case the Mannlicher Carcano bullets emerged deformed. See the Warren Report and hearings and Mortal Error. Not everyone signed up to the Magic Bullet theory. See for, example, Bethesda autopsy witness Lt Col. Wayne and Edna Hartman were standing on the South East corner of Dealey Plaza and noticed two small mounds of freshly turned soil on the grass.

The bullet tracks pointed back — towards the area of the grassy knoll. The problem was that the fragments he claimed to have used were not the fragments recovered from Dallas and used as evidence for the Warren Commission: When the death certificate eventually burst into print in it contradicted the testimony that he had signed off on at Bethesda, and placed the back wound where it really was, low on the shoulder blade, not high up near the neck as Warren and the Autopsy Report claimed.

See the photographs outside the TSBD, the FBI official letters and the proliferation of conspiracy theories and claims in dozens of books and websites. Bush Sr and the Bay of Pigs: This is based on the original testimony of Fletcher Prouty the Liaison Officer between the Pentagon and the CIA at the time of the Bay of Pigs , who knew the deepest secrets of the whole operation.

He specifically names George Bush and Zapata as being involved. Now the triple coincidence there is. There are numerous claims that George Bush Sr was present in Dallas as a CIA representative on 22 November and even some photographic evidence that needs to be checked out carefully.

My job responsibility was as a junior watch officer. I do not recognize the contents of the memorandum as information furnished to me orally or otherwise during the time I was at the CIA. In fact, during my time at the CIA I did not receive any oral communications from any government agency of any nature whatsoever. Based on the above, it is my conclusion that I am not the Mr George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency referred to in the memorandum.

He was an expert on air reconnaissance and air intelligence matters. Houghton, Mifflin and Company: Banister was running a network of student on-campus informers on behalf of the US intelligence agencies. See the good description of what happened to him after that in Benson and also Crossfire. As a primary source it is unreliable as it leaves out a lot of detail, and unsurprisingly borders on admiring hagiography. Reuters News Service, 26 June Rose Cheramie was found under the wheels of a car on 4 September There are numerous books on Guevara. A Revolutionary Life , which cites many primary sources and is an objective analysis.

Wikipedia leads the pack, listing no less than primary sources, plus over 50 interviews and first-hand accounts. Ira Wood has compiled an excellent chronology of the JFK assassination including many useful primary references for researchers. As demolition jobs go it is a classic and buries any idea that the CIA was either cost-effective or a force for good. This proved a serious failing, as the CIA lacked the cold critical analysis of independent and well-informed SIGINT officers and tended to view things Cuban as they wished them to be and not as they really were.

There are many claims that link the CIA to organised crime. For details of CIA drug running etc. See also Benson , and the testimony of various CIA senior officers — including their own Inspector General — to the several Capitol Hill committees over the past thirty years. According to dedicated researchers Mockingbird has not been closed down but still operates under new cover.

Ultimate Sacrifice for a detailed listing of primary sources. That the CIA specialised in undercover operations and dirty tricks is no secret. That they were not above using philanthropic foundations as the most effective conduit to channel large sums of money to Agency projects without alerting the recipients to their source is well documented.

It ended up as a cover for opium smuggling. George Robert, chief of the U. He points out that the French Connection found its basis on the control of the opium production in the Golden Triangle by the French SDECE military intelligence agency, who financed its covert operations during the First Indochina War That the CIA was out of political control in the early s is no great revelation. The Central Intelligence Agency violated its charter for 25 years until revelations of illegal wiretapping, domestic surveillance, assassination plots, and human experimentation led to official investigations and reforms in the s, according to declassified documents posted in by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

However the sheer breadth and admission of their wider crimes and exploits is still extraordinary. Howard Hunt requests a lock picker p. Angleton and issue of training foreign police in bomb-making, sabotage, etc. In a grisly end to the whole affair, the FBI asked the Connally family if they could examine the body during the funeral of Governor Connally on 17 June Unsurprisingly, the angry Connally family refused in fairly terse language. It is a curiosity of our age that the prevailing metropolitan and academic view seems to be that conspiracy theories are somehow infra dig for serious thinkers, even when hard evidence of dirty work at the crossroads is shoved under their noses.

Mike Corbitt was a corrupt Chicago Police Officer, who before his death in , confessed to being on the payroll of Mafia boss Sam Giancana. Billy Byers Jr and Hoover. When asked by young Byars about the JFK murder: Our whole political system would be disrupted. Dallas policeman Roger Craig appears to have genuinely shot himself. Considering what he had endured since that day in Dallas it is not surprising. There was no gun, no robbery and Crump was half drunk, having fallen in the canal after drinking beer.

See HSCA documentation and report. Cusack III, who made a fortune selling hundreds of Kennedy-linked documents he claimed came from his father, was convicted on 13 mail and wire fraud charges. He stared, eyes narrowed, at the jurors, then he shook his head repeatedly and dropped his face into his hands. One letter purportedly signed by Kennedy includes ZIP codes, which did not exist at the time the letter was dated.

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And the typeface used in many of the letters came from a typewriter that was not manufactured until the s. Bradley had served in the US Navy, was closely tied to intelligence, had connections to right-wing groups and knew David Ferrie. Mark Lane later tied him in with the events in Dealey Plaza but without conclusive proof that Bradley was involved in the shooting.

Bradley later admitted involvement. See also Benson and Flammonde. Howard Brennan was an unlikely witness; he had bad eyesight and was at ground level. Nevertheless he testified that he had clearly seen Lee Harvey Oswald up at the sixth-floor window of the TSBD and the Warren Commission gratefully accepted his evidence. This was the first newsflash to mention any dead Secret Service agent. Assassination Research, Vol 4, 1. Unsolved Texas Mysteries by Wallace O. One interesting sideline is the story told by the Dealey Plaza greenkeeper, Emmett Hudson.

He testified to the Warren Commission that he had been standing on the steps leading up to the Grassy Knoll — which can be seen in the various photographs — and was accompanied by two young men, neither of whom have ever been identified. When the shooting started he lay down, and was initially adamant that the firing was coming from behind him, i. The Warren Commission ignored his testimony. Wim Dankbaar is a Dutch businessman who has made extraordinarily lengthy and detailed researches into the JFK assassination. The site is a valuable primary resource as it contains numerous first-hand accounts, original source material and even a confession.

The nearest witness to the shooting outside the car was a man called Maurice Orr, who was standing on the grass just below the Pergola. He says that he was interviewed by an unknown man and said that he had heard at least five shots. Orr was never contacted again and did not give evidence to the Warren Commission. A couple called Arnold and Barbara Rowland made a very detailed statement about the two men that they had seen on the upper floors of the TBSD just before the shooting.

See the Warren Commission report. An off-duty policeman called Tilson may well have seen one of the gunmen fleeing and even chased him in his car. Decker was the Dallas County Sheriff and is on record as warning his men not to get involved in the security for the motorcade. The investigation is over. It is difficult to assess the Private Dinkin allegations.

This redacted pre-assassination cable appears to relate to the search for the missing Dinkin before the assassination. On balance the most probable assessment is that Pte Dinkin saw some warning cables passed between senior military officers as part of his special top-secret cryptographic operator duties.

If that is the case then it raises some disturbing questions. The Wikipedia biography is accurate and unbiased. It contains a list of useful primary sources. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University. The wartime OSS was dissolved in October In Dulles became the first civilian CIA director. Dulles also oversaw Operation Mockingbird , a programme which influenced foreign and domestic media companies, and the design and use of the U2 spy plane which was initially operated by CIA pilots. Dulles is considered one of the essential creators of the modern United States intelligence system and was an indispensable guide to clandestine operation during the Cold War.

He established intelligence networks worldwide to check and counter Soviet and Eastern European communist advances as well as international communist movements. Kennedy , the appointment was criticised by some observers, who noted that Kennedy had fired him, and that Dulles was therefore unlikely to be impartial in passing the judgements charged to the Warren Commission. I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his close friends. Duran was a Mexican employee in the Cuban consulate in Mexico City.

The Mary Ferrell Foundation website has leads to extensive documentation and primary source material. It is a murky tale. Duran told him he would need to visit the Soviet embassy to get the necessary paperwork. Oswald then returned to the Cuban consulate and after a brief argument left. Oswald passed the security camera six times. Neither detail fits in with the authentic Oswald. However, these details had been removed from the CIA statement by the time it reached the Warren Commission. This could not have been the real Oswald, who spoke the language well.

Duran was then rearrested and questioned about her relationship with Oswald. Despite being roughed up again she denied having a sexual relationship with Oswald. However, Duran later admitted to a close friend that she had dated Oswald while he was in Mexico City. She also had been told that Oswald was sleeping with Duran. Win Scott reported this information to CIA headquarters but never got a reply page To be more correct, someone posing as Oswald? Duran was interviewed by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in This testimony is still classified.

However, in Duran told the author Anthony Summers that she told the HSCA that the man who visited the office was about her size 5 feet 4 inches. This created problems, as Oswald was 5 feet 9 inches tall. When Summers showed Duran a film of Oswald taken at the time of his arrest, Duran said: Scott told Director Helms that he would not be talked out of publishing the book. Angleton flew immediately to Mexico City and took control of this material which has now disappeared.

Also useful are the Dwight D. Eisenhower Papers at the Seeley G. A Resource Guide from the Library of Congress. See also the Spartacus Education website. Several oil millionaires, including W. Alton Jones , B. Byers and George E. Allen , began acquiring neighboring land for Eisenhower. The oilmen acquired surrounding land for Eisenhower under dummy names, filled it with livestock and big, modern barns, paid for extensive renovations to the Eisenhower house, and even wrote out checks to pay the hired help.

Euins was a year-old black boy and was clearly terrified by the Dallas cops and the FBI. The first three all blamed Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone. In the HSCA reluctantly conceded that Lee Harvey Oswald had been part of a larger conspiracy by recording that there had been at least four gunshots, not three. All these reports, plus detailed commentaries, can be read online. See also Frank Smist: She was also known as Judith Campbell Exner.

She gave a revealing interview to People Magazine in , in which she confessed to her role as a go-between for her lover JFK and the Mobsters Giancana and Roselli. The alleged affair between Exner and Kennedy is said to have ended in when J. In a Vanity Fair interview , Exner said that she terminated a pregnancy resulting from her relationship with Kennedy. She also asserted to have carried money payoffs from California defence contractors to the Kennedys, including Robert F. Her involvement was revealed in during the investigations of the Church Committee and first published by William Safire in the New York Times.

She told her story in her book Judith Exner: My Story ; and, after her death, in an obituary article for the Washington Monthly , Dec M. It has since disappeared. Full details of the FBI involvement are to be found in Best Evidence which identifies the contradictions with the autopsy report and the omission of FBI evidence from the Warren Report. However, the appointment went to William H. Although Kennedy did well at the SEC and was praised for his enforcement of securities regulation, he resigned a year later, to return to private business, allegedly to cash in on his new insider knowledge of Wall Street.

In , FDR asked him to return to the administration and chair the first Maritime Commission, aimed at reviving the American shipping industry. See also the correspondence in the F. Britannica , Wikipedia and the other encyclopaedias have comprehensive brief accounts of the Federal Reserve Bank and its enabling statute, plus many useful primary references.

Executive order 11, can be read in full at the official JFK website and library. See On the Trail of the Assassins. As well as the many book accounts, there are numerous websites with a lot of detail on Ferrie: They were Alvin Beauboeuf and Melvin Coffee. However, the would-be hunters had neither guns nor ice skates. The Role of J. Ferrie later claimed, in his cups, that his real task was to pick up any fleeing assassins needing a good pilot for a quick getaway.

See The Kennedy Conspiracy: In , just as Garrison prepared to indict him, Ferrie was found dead in his apartment. He was lying on a sofa with a sheet pulled over his head. But the New Orleans coroner officially reported that the cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage. According to the journalist Edward Lardner, who interviewed him on the morning of the day he died, Ferrie was still alive when he left at on 22 February The coroner, however, estimated that Ferrie died at and of natural causes: See Benson, Summers and article by John S.

He maintains that John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a well-planned and precisely executed conspiracy, which included altering the autopsy X-rays, substituting another brain, and recreating the Zapruder film using sophisticated techniques of optical printing and special effects. He has edited three collections of studies on the assassination, run four conferences on the subject, and continues to make numerous talk-show appearances on the topic.

In January , in collaboration with Jack White, he published a new study of the Moorman photo and the Zapruder film of the assassination: Fetzer has observed that presuming its authenticity functions as the backbone of the cover-up, since it becomes impossible to reconstruct the actual sequence of events in Dealey Plaza on the basis of a fabricated film. Files himself testified on video on 22 March In a metal detector operated by a Dallas workman called John Rademacher, discovered two such fired cartridge cases, just 3 inches under the soil on the Grassy Knoll. An orthodontist later testified that the open end was oval and that human teeth had indeed caused the indent.

A furious row has since erupted as to whether the cartridge case was manufactured before or after Clearly if it is then it has nothing to do with the JFK assassination. Two hitherto unknown researchers, J. Curiously, both turned out to be ex-CIA officers. Government records claimed that they had no trace of Files or Sutton and it was assumed that he was lying. The military records did prove that Files had served with the 82 nd.

Files was also threatened by a lawyer on behalf of the Mafia. See the Wim Dankbaar interview with Files. Those documents have vanished. He drove Oswald in to work on the day of the assassination — the only time he ever gave Lee a lift on a Friday. See the Warren Commission hearings and Report and the very many accounts of his activities in, for example, Summers, Rush to Judgment , Crossfire , etc.

She testified that the bag was far too short to have concealed a rifle — even disassembled.

Unfortunately for the FBI version of events the brown paper bag in which Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly transported the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle to his place of work showed no trace of gun oil or grease, even microscopically. Brown paper absorbs oil, even minute amounts. That bag cannot have been used to conceal a rifle. His book On the Trail of the Assassins is a valuable source and there is a full biography with solid first-hand references in Britannica and Wikipedia. One of the men who made a false claim against Garrison was a convicted criminal in the Louisiana State Penitentiary called Torres, who claimed that Garrison had offered him a free holiday in Florida and some heroin if he would swear that Clay Shaw and Bertrand were the same man.

Torres was sentenced — later — for perjury. One of the curiosities about the Oliver Stone movie JFK is the way it was even rubbished and attacked long before it was released or shown to the public or critics. Not everyone has warmed to the Jim Garrison or his investigation. The Book of the Film New York, See the numerous websites and books on the Mafia and the Crime Commission.

Wikipedia has a useful list of primary sources and references for further reading on both Giancana and the Mafia in general. The Life and Death of Sam Giancana Edgar Hoover could legitimately claim that he never directly accepted Mafia cash see Double Cross and Summers. It is a matter of record that Hoover was, however, remarkably successful at the races. Giancana was executed on 19 June , Mafia style; a. Goldmann was the founder of the World Jewish Congress and its president in He was an extremely powerful figure in worldwide Jewry. As an umbrella group it represents Jews from the entire political spectrum and from all Jewish religious denominations.

Serving as a diplomatic arm of the Jewish people to world governments and international organizations it tries to preserve the principle of unity in diversity and always seeks consensus. Judicially, it could try a high priest, a false prophet, a rebellious elder, or an errant tribe. As head of that organization in , Goldmann was the only central figure who could issue a decree to have a head of state executed if that person was viewed as a threat to Israel and worldwide Jewry.

This means that it did not occur by spontaneous combustion. It must have been heavily orchestrated and planned with meticulous detail. For something like that to occur, it requires that a decree first be issued by a powerful and influential person. For more details see online , Nahum Goldmann, Statesman without a State , ed. See his interview in the Dallas Morning News , 6 June The Zapruder film makes the point very clearly too.

The experiences of countries with weak economies and currencies switching to black economies and using US dollars or euros as a parallel currency on the street prove the point. For example, Eastern European countries after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, or South American countries generally. The private bankers who make up the Federal Reserve were not happy. See also Dallas Morning News , 17 Sept. See also Rush to Judgment , Summers. Harrelson was an admitted and convicted hitman. He boasted on several occasions of having assassinated John F.

He also denied these claims on other occasions. There are, however, numerous other Dallas policemen who have been accused of owing Ruby a favour: Hicks claims himself to have been in Dealey Plaza: Jim Hicks is believed by many researchers to have been the radio man for the assassins. See Benson, Spartacus and gov. Hicks openly boasted of his involvement in the shooting. See the DPD official police logs, 22 Nov.

See Benson and the Warren Commission testimony. The Last Dissenting Witness See also Peter R. Whitney on the JFK in site and its links. There are so many references to J. Edgar Hoover that it is hard to be selective. The Wikipedia biography is a good start, listing as it does so many primary sources. For additional reading see also: The Life of J. Edgar Hoover New York, Hoover and the Mafia: As late as January , Hoover denied its existence in the United States.

Gay marriage role model? For Hoover, see also: The Teamsters Union website has a biography as do several TV production companies. The biography at Wikipedia lists good primary sources, for example his influence on the unions. See Hoffa and the Teamsters: The following day Trafficante and Ragano were lunching in a restaurant with someone else present. Carlos Marcello and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy , by John H. A convicted killer, Richard Powell, claimed that Hoffa was drugged, then murdered in Michigan. Attempts to locate his body have been unsuccessful.

His tale comes in for a serious rubbishing on the mcadams. See the Wikipedia biography and its list of sources. Holt was a freewheeling adventurer who worked as a pilot, an accountant and a Mafia associate as well as claiming to have been a contract operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. He served organised-crime figures and, in , was employed by Lansky as an accountant for the International Rescue Committee which, according to Holt, was a front organisation for the CIA.

Holt worked for Meyer Lansky and Peter Licovoli. See Benson and the various Holt biographies. Holt is best known for his confession of involvement in the JFK assassination. The ranch was owned by Peter Licavoli and allegedly served as a base for CIA operations, drugs and gun smuggling. Holt was also carrying forged secret service badges and lapel pins to Dallas, on orders of his CIA contact Philip Twombly.

Holt delivered the lapel pins and badges to anti- Castro Cuban exile Homer Echevarria. He also delivered handguns and IDs to a convicted hitman, Charles Harrelson , on the parking lot of Dealey Plaza behind the grassy knoll. After the assassination, Holt, Harrelson and Rogers were supposedly apprehended from a boxcar in the railroad yard and detained by the Dallas Police. They were released the same afternoon. While they were escorted over Dealey Plaza, seven pictures were taken by press photographers.

She also says that her father said just before his death that the American public should know the real truth. He had never done a full autopsy before and had no experience of bullet wounds. Nonetheless, as a competent doctor Humes had serious doubts about the corpse and thought that someone had tampered with it, but he was browbeaten by senior officers into doing what they said.

See his testimony to the Warren Commission. He later admitted to burning his original notes and substituting them with a more acceptable set. It is an interesting point that Humes was technically committing a serious Federal crime. Inquest, Counterplot and Legend New York quite clearly charges that the autopsy report was changed for political reasons.

The original source material comes from the testimony at the three Federal enquiries: These run to over 1, pages at least of sometimes highly detailed medical testimony on oath. The photographs, to go back a moment the photographs and the X-rays were exposed in the morgue, of the Naval Medical Center on this night, and they were not developed, neither the X-rays or the photographs. They were submitted to the, and here, if I make a mistake I am not certain, to either the Federal Bureau of Investigation or to the Secret Service , I am not sure of those.

Again, one of the senior people present, I believe my own Commanding Officer, Captain Stover, took care of tuning this material over to these authorities, and receiving a receipt for this information, for this material. It was — I supervised the positioning of the body for various of these examinations but as far as beyond that, I did not consider that my responsibility. Could I ask a question about the missile, I am a little bit — the bullet, I am a little bit — confused.

It was found on the stretcher. Otherwise it seems to me the bullet would have to have been ejected from the body before he was taken or put on the bed in the hospital. I, of course, was not there. I do know he was on his back during the period of his stay in the hospital: Doctor Perry told me that. As the article says, There are as many conspiracy theories about how and why Kennedy was killed as there are groups or individuals with the motive to do so, We could make a list of a million of these conspiracy theories It's probably best to keep this to a few of the most plausible or most recognized, and leave it at that.

There are already a dozen in the article, after all. I removed the mention of the book Case Closed , as it is only one book out of hundreds, each with its own theory. If a new section of "Other theories on the assassination" is created, that would be the place for Case Closed. I reworded a little more carefully the statements that lax security or a deficiency in planning was responsible for the ease of the assassination.

5 Most Shocking Revelations From The JFK Assassination Files

The notes about the Space Shuttle were especially incongruous. I also removed the addition about the "BBC Correspondent" programme that was aired yesterday. It, too, is one opinion of hundreds, and is not especially more authoritative than any of the other sources over the last 40 years. The animator who did the job does not have any particular expertise or source of information that sets him apart, and the recent airing of the show doesn't justify its inclusion.

I'll paste it below. The obsession with "BBC's correspondent programme" makes me laugh. Another professional modeler came up independently with the same results as Myers and his work was aired on Court TV. Their evidence is relatively new but persuasive and strong and should dispel most doubts about the single bullet theory after the conspiracy theorists have some time to consider it. However, even acceptance of the single bullet theory does not rule out a conspiracy and many will still believe that the shot that hit Kennedy in the head came from the grassy knoll or somewhere other than the TX SBD.

Many people will come to this page who remember the assassination, and I think it could be extremely shocking for them to stumble across an image of the slain President with a gaping would in his neck. Is it really necessary to say "every nation on earth"? First of all, Earth should be capitalized. Second of all, it's not like there's non-Earth nations that would send representatives to JFK's assassination. Also, "Communist China" should be capitalized, instead of "communist China", right? Does anyone else agree that the wording "The President's head Would anyone else agree that this does not belong in an encyclopaedia?

The recent presence of User: JFKtruth on this article has been very detrimental, in my opinion. This article no longer carefully and neutrally discusses a controversial historical event, but is acting as one of the thousands of pages on the Internet advocating conspiracy theories and casting aspersion on "official" accounts of events.

The ridicule of the Warren Commission, etc. I would revert the changes, but it's a massive job, and JFKtruth seems to be bulling along with so many dozens of edits that I worry I would end up in an edit war that would get us banned. Are there others committed to sorting through this and restoring a good version of this article? Tricky Dick is linked via several paths of varying directness - the Texans, the mob, and the Bay of Pigs [4]. Parkland Hospital Doctors Reports, U. Defense Investigative Service Reports, U.

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Reports, U. Navy Investigative Service Reports, U. Marine Corps Investigative Reports, U. State Department Reports, U. Secret Service Report, U. Warren Commission Report, U. Ramsey Panel Report, U. Church Committee on U.

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Intelligence Agencies and Assassinations Report U. Committee on Ballistic Acoustics Report, U. The vast majority of persons including historians, and, supposed, historians who make too-broad, too-generalized comments may not have actually read these entire complete reports, nor actually read the entire supporting volumes, nor actually read publicly available investigative backround files and individual documents 's of pages of which are still classified against public availability , nor actually have spoken directly with assassination witnesses nor events observed witnesses.

I'm still having issues with this article. I know JFKtruth has some defenders, and he's right that this article needs to cover the theories in addition to the "single gunman theory", but honestly JFK's username, use of italics and bold, phrasing, and selective inclusion of information have skewed this article to become very POV.

Here's one section as an example. Why is this section necessary? Doesn't it simply use innuendo to attempt to besmirch the character of a few politically active Americans who happen to have known Oswald? Can we substantiate that Oswald "stored" his gun there? Why did he do so? Do we suspect these people of involvement? This sort of thing really flies in the face of NPOV. JFKtruth, can I ask if you are committed to the principles of Wikipedia: You need to be -- I have no problems with explaining the issues surrounding the assassination that many find troubling, but we have to approach this from a neutral perspective, and sections like the one above look more like a witchhunt for someone to latch a conspiracy theory onto.

Maybe that's not what you intend to do, though -- I hope not! So how can we work together to balance this article? This article has changed greatly since I last looked at it. The first task at hand I did was to move a lot of information about the 'Magic bullet' and 'Zapruder film' to the 'talk' pages of the respective articles. Much of the information in both are repeated there anyway, and an editorial pass on both articles for NPOV and general content is likely warranted. When I last edited this article significantly, I was trying to build on a general idea with the 'timeline' section Originally, I was trying to build one single 'timeline', that started at Love Field and ended at Air Force One, though easily could have gone through Kennedy's burial at Arlington Cemetary.

Is it not prudent to have one single timeline of undisputed or largely undisputed facts that a casual reader of this article can browse and parse without being overwhelmed with details? The timeline section doesn't have to be a place, for example, where Oswald's innocence or guilt, or a proof of why he couldn't have acted alone exists.. He left the Depository a few minutes after In the interest of not starting an edit war, I would like to defend my cutting out a substantial discussion of the 'magic bullet theory' in this article by responding to JFKTruth's edit comment of that piece here.

I'll then discuss some of my general rationale while writing this article in the hope that its intent is well received. The, supposed, "magic bullet theory" is the basis for the entire Warren Commission report and, therefore, far to important to The Truth to be pushed to merely a secondary, linked page. The 'Magic bullet theory' is not a supposed theory. It is a theory, and, in fact, one that can be researched. IMHO, the word 'supposed' is grossly overused in this article to imply that a fact is disputed. I would particularly refer to NPOV: Fairness and sympathetic tone. Kennedy, including but not limited to what made it easy to kill him, and what improvements could be made to prevent it in the future.

Neither of those parts are particularly concerned with who killed him, but why it was possible to kill him. The Warren Commission provides one valid interpretation of the facts, just as other intepretations are valid when the basic facts are in dispute. This article's purpose does not have to be and should not be, in my opinion , to determine who killed John F. I believe that if any one person had that answer, I would not be writing this comment. In any event, gross details about the Warren Commission report, I believe, belong in the Warren Commission report article.

I do not believe this article's point should be to determine 'The truth' which I presume, again, to mean, 'Who shot J. Attempting to do so is only going to start a massive edit war over who is right. Noone can authoritatively answer that question, and I believe that saying 'This theory is disputed. See its companion page for details' is sufficient. Drowning a casual reader in evidence or opinion will not assist them in drawing their own conclusions, or even, honestly, forming a basic idea of what the assasination was about. Most modern encyclopedias cross reference, and I do not understand why it is not acceptable to do so here.

Whatever a reader's opinion of the Warren Commission to give only one example of the numerous major pieces in this article , it was the first official report printed about the assasination. Whether or not it is correct is not relevant to the fact that it was written, and the Warren Commission is a point of fact in the sense that it was written, can be referred to, and large parts of it are a matter of public record.

The same can be said of the House Select Committee of Assassinations, which came to the opposite conclusion, to give two examples. I do not believe that this article needs to convince a reader one way or the other whether Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy, nor should it. I do believe that a well written version of it will make the ambiguity of this issue self evident, and does not have to do so under a deluge of conflicting testimony, motives, and theories that will only confuse a reader as the article is organized.

Apparently my rationale for cutting a significant volume of text, making a reference to it, and moving it to a companion page was not reasonable, and in the interest of not starting an editing war, I will not do so again. But I would ask, then, how the general complaint that this article is far too long to be encyclopediac will be answered.

I am also, honestly, a bit wary at this point of making other significant edits that will draw this article to the general idea that noone knows for certain who killed J. This is a fact. I know of noone who has produced another single person s who overshadows Oswald as the single most compelling assassin or assasins of Kennedy, that has been accepted on a societal level.

No Wikipedia article will change this. I don't believe it's Wikipedia's place to take it upon itself to discredit or affirm Oswald's guilt or innocence, but to report on what the understood, brief, relevant facts are. The re-inclusion of huge block of text particularly, the lenthy block examining the magic bullet's trail dupliated in Magic bullet theory I believe does not follow the NPOV: Fairness and sympathetic tone idea.

I believe this generally unsympathetic attitude permeates throughout this article. If I cannot make changes to these blocks of text without incurring an edit war pushing things back the other way, I'm basically left with nowhere to go. I want to thank Skybunny and others for recent good work here. That said, the paragraph about "rock and roll drummer" is repeated and makes no sense either time. I can't tell if it's a facetious comment or based in fact in which case it needs to be further explained.

Is this picture a little too blurry to really be illustrative in the context of this article? I've removed it for now, as it is so large and clearly not cropped, but I do wonder if there might not be a better close up photograph of the President on Elm Street, even if in black and white. I'm definately open to re-including this if it seems a reasonable image. I'm getting pretty hopeless about this article ever being featured quality. Every two weeks or so, it seems someone shows up desperate to prove Oswald didn't do it.

I'll fiddle with the article again sometime this week to get the unsubstantiated stuff out again, but this is getting old. How can we avoid this constant maintenance of this page? I don't know enough about the assassination or have enough passion about it to be one of two or three people who do this, but I certainly don't want the article falling apart. If I may simply suggest: That epiphany or approaching epiphany truly IS an uncomfortable feeling but, only at first possibly from a multitude of programmed-since-childhood taught beliefs about the assassination.

If I may respectfully suggest, what some persons have tried to express as "failing miserably," may actually be accorded to the reality of Warren Commission apologists failing miserably, more and more, as the years advance and more and more facts come forth making it actually transparent that the Warren Commission also failed us all , miserably. At a bare minimum, the Warren Commission failed miserably and other agencies failed the Warren Commission miserably --albeit deliberate, or not to investigate ALL of the facts.

As is now documented, the Warren Commission also utterly failed to publicize -- again, albeit deliberate, or not -- all of the facts that it did learn , yet, were soon sealed away from the public by Lyndon Johnson right before the presidential election. Another prime example is the above "Talk" comments with respect to Zapruder frame Anyone who has really studied the Zapruder film in depth --and with an open mind-- already knows that the entire film is somewhat grainy, and, of course, Zapruder himself jerked his camera --with some of the films jerk-caused blurring resulting directly from startled inadvertent hand reflexes to hearing multiple decibel, jet-engine-equivalent loudness, gun shots.

The above-pictured Zapruder frame JFK close-up crop is actually decent in the many pieces of important information that frame reveals to us. Anyone who really knows the detailed facts of the case knows precisely the vital importance of the confluence of the many interrelated facts and reasons for why that Z frame and follow-up interrelated frames showing our president mere seconds before the Warren Commission's, supposed, "single bullet theory" occurs, is important to the case.

  1. !
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  3. Famous Americans (Yale Series of Younger Poets, Vol. 97);
  4. La Plata de Britània (Catalan Edition)!

Here is just one simple observation you can make yourself: The wound on President Kennedy's back was nearly 6" below the highest part of his suit coat rear collar. Now look at the above Z photo, specifically at his easily seen horizontal shoulder line. Imagine the collar being slightly higher than his shoulder line photo-apparent-wise the rear collar high point would appear to be about level with the shoulder line because Zapruder's perspective at Z was slightly down at JFK Using a 6" width of President Kennedy's head as a gage, place the Warren Commission back wound almost 6" below that rear top collar point.

Now visualize connecting that Warren Commission back wound to the point on his front neck just below his "Adam's apple. Does that Warren Commission theorized back-to-front trajectory seem to you to be upward, downward, or nearly level? The president can be seen at Z, Z, and Z still 'sitting upright', with his back center pressed against the seat backrest.

I'll ask a simple question here: If I may also suggest, it is also important to actually take the time for yourself to read President Kennedy's words and beliefs to learn his views given to each of us by President Kennedy in the years --even the decades-- before he was publicly executed in broad daylight, in front of 's of witnesses. Zapruder and other Dealey Plaza close witnesses, photographers and movie-makers President Kennedy's words, beliefs, and views, decisions and actions, and his actions results are all , intricately , related to the assassination --and its motive -- no matter which side of the picket fence you stand upon.

As it stands at this moment, the article does an excellent job of presenting the most vital and critical of the 's of important documented, and inter-related facts that have been determined, and, the article also does an outstanding job with newly-released documented information, much of which has only been learned after the previously hidden Warren Commission, HSCA, and other governmental agencies files have been, only recently, released to The People for our research.

The logical blending of old-released with new-released information strongly suggesting a conspiracy is just the result of considering all of the currently known facts. I would simply suggest that any "hopeless" feeling also encompasses the mixture of sensing the oncoming arrival of future feelings-to-come that DO occur after the epiphany of knowledge is embedded.

Please, do not fear the epiphany of knowledge in this still open case. Face it , then embrace the epiphany. It will pass through you and you will be fine, and, of course, you will still be here, and, now , you are prepared with the positive knowledge of what is possible. I simply suggest, good reader, that --to the less-informed-- the very reason that the "article keeps falling back into conspiracy" is because all of the presently-known facts do indicate that there was a conspiracy whether it involved Oswald, or others, before, during, and after the assassination are entirely separate issues.

In the reality of today's terrorists-oriented world climate, if that horrid history was to be allowed to repeat itself only because of a lack of knowledge through the hopeless, miserable failure of not learning and not knowing because of past history --or not wanting to learn or not wanting to know-- and not knowing, or wanting to know about investigatively determined facts that mendaciously go against an investigations own report and then were attempted to be hidden from The People for 75 years a similar event could have dire consequences for you , your Loved Ones , and, together, us all.

Therein is just one of the many core reasons that all of the facts of this case continue to enlighten our consciousness no matter which side of the smoke-lingering picket fence you stand on, at this moment. After several emails from single assassin theorists and conspiracy theorists bringing the article back to my attention I can say that the article is very accurate as of documenting known and previously un-released investigated facts with regards to the case.

Emotionalism and a lack of knowledge and of course deliberate disinfo and deception in this case are negative towards anyone understanding the case. I have a logical suggestion. The main "John F. Kennedy assassination" article could at some point within the main article be linked to 2 separate sub-articles; one sub-article with an overview of the conspiracy oriented facts and theories, and one sub-article discussing the single assassin oriented facts and theories.

It looks to me that the logical place to present these 2 sub-article links could be after the "A Nation Mourns" section. Almost all the information after the "A Nation Mourns" discussion can be easily removed from the main article and placed in either the conspiratorial sub-article or in the single assassin sub-article.

By dividing the case into two sub-articles it will save space in the main article, but much more importantly, it provides for all readers the freedom of choice to view which side, or both, sides of the considerations that they want to view there is much physical evidence that can be defined both ways, just as there are some witnesses observations whose total observations can be interpreted both ways, and there is much evidence and observations, etc.

What do you think? I added before discussing. Feel free to edit what I have typed. This is what I've added:. The news of Kennedy's death was made public at 1: News anchorman Walter Cronkite passed along word of the assassination. The television transmissions were first interrupted around At this time, the top-rated As the World Turns was airing across the country. After the first notice was read that President Kennedy was wounded, the affiliates went back to As the World Turns, at least for a couple of minutes.

Walter Cronkite read more news reports and then, around 1 pm CST, the affiliates joined Cronkite in the news room. After news footage was shown of a luncheon in Dallas where Kennedy was supposed to speak, Cronkite read the press release on-air: Central Standard Time a hour ago Vice President Johnson has left the hospital in Dallas, but we do not know to where he has proceeded. Presumably, he will be taking the oath of office shortly, and become the thirty-sixth President of the United States.

If these statements are true, the witness needs to be named and inserted as a bullet point in this list, or moved to the "unknown witnesses" list and referenced as such. Tippit was shot dead 0. Thirteen people either witnessed Oswald shooting Tippit or fleeing the scene. After the Tippit murder Oswald was witnessed traveling on foot toward the Texas Theatre. I recall the film JFK cites witnesses who gave a description of Tippit's murderer who doesn't match Oswald.

Is there any source for this? Also has anyone ever explained why the police responded so heavily to what was reported as a fare dodger? Abraham Zapruder - ' Filmed the entire attack with his movie camera. Zapruder heard shots originate from behind him behind Zapruder was the picket fence and triple overpass areas of the grassy knoll. In numerous interviews Zapruder made it clear that with all the echoes in Dealey Plaza, he had no idea where the shot came from. I would like to delete the second sentence OR put in a clarifying clause. James Tague - An Air Force veteran who was also wounded during the assassination while standing feet 82 meters in front of the limousine.

Tague testified he thought he was wounded with the second or third shot he remembered hearing, and when pressed for which shot, he testified it was the second shot that he was wounded by. Tague stated that the shots came from near the monument on the grassy knoll. The Main Street south curb 23 feet 6 in 7. To be more neutral there should be more discussion of the possibility that Mr. Tague could hve been hit with a fragment of the bullet that struck the Presidents head or a piece of bone fragment, which are both likely to have caused his injuries.

Rosemary Willis - Clearly seen in the Zapruder film, at the start of the assassination she was running with and facing the limousine on her right, then circa Zapruder film frame hereafter "Z" , she stops running and then slightly turns her head to face the southwest corner of the depository. After the sitting upright president is hidden by the "Stemmons Freeway" traffic sign in the Zapruder film, she suddenly, very rapidly, beginning at Z snaps her head http: She also told the HSCA committee that while she was still facing the grassy knoll picket fence she was attracted to view the quick movements of a person quickly drop down out of sight behind a wall.

This is simply wrong and should be deleted. The girl stops running at around frame of the Zapruder film and there is no shot of her turning toward Abraham Zapruder. By frame she has already stopped running completely, she is not in the process of slowing down. The slowing down occurs circa frames She has stated that she stopped when she heard the shot. Carolyn Arnold - A pregnant depository employee stated she observed Oswald sitting by himself in the depository second-floor lunchroom at Totally irrelevant since the assassination took place at My basic argument is that this entire section is devoid of certain qualifying facts and is therefore lacking in NPOV.

I would like the opportunity to either edit this to make it more neutral or simply delete it altogether. This article needs a substantial overhaul as it is simply too pro-conspiracy without enough supporting facts. Perhaps the article should stay away from naming witnesses because there is always a bias in the witnesses someone would choose to write in this kind of article.

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The writer here decideds to use Jean Hill as a witness even though her "testimony" has largely been found unreliable and in many instances, untrue. This is just it. It is a great topic point with views on either side mostly because witnesses on both sides present conflicting reports and over time stories have changed. However, tt shouldn't be in a neutral article unless you want to discuss info from the other side which would in my opinion would just make the article more cumbersome.

It was just an offhand comment. It is not meant as a statement of fact. It seems you are the one getting haughty. No I am not neutral on the subject, but that is besides the point. Putting some of the witness reports who reported three shots and regardless of what you think of them, there were quite a few would present a counter-balance to the obvious pro-conspiracy bias of the piece. Here's the only forensic evidence presented from the case. One bullet was found, it was matched to one gun, and the one gun was matched to Lee Harvey Oswald. These are the sorts of facts that is missing in the article that would provide balance to the fact that the artice is pro-conspiracy.

Bold text Again, this is not a forum to build a case. It is supposed to be NPOV, so if you choose a witness, you probably should place everything he said, not just what YOU want to give more weight to.