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And in that we had scruples. We were not skulking through the lot at The Home Depot at three o'clock in the morning, or robbing a Douglas fir from the Knights of Columbus. It was just that we were less than particular about property lines. When I was a child, we never bought a tree.

O Christmas Tree (Hudson, Robert A.)

We got an ax, or a handsaw, and went into the woods. It would have been a scene straight off a Christmas card, if we had actually gone hunting for one on our own land, which we did not have. I guess it was poaching in a way, but it seemed harmless.

In the deep woods, it was more like we were just thinning the herd, rather than stealing. And, I doubt if a landowner ever walked up to a stump and said, "I'll see them Bragg boys swing for this.

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So we decided to steal them from the State of Alabama. We would cruise the bigger roads and highways until we saw one on the state right-of-way. Sliding to a halt in the loose gravel, car tires smoking, I would leap from the truck with my ax. Three to six whacks would do it, unless I saw a car coming. Then I froze, trying to look innocent—with an ax in my hands. That was a long time ago. I have not stolen a tree, from Alabama or anywhere else, for 35 years. You got a much better quality of tree, when it was stole.

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King John's Epic Rap Battle. Death's Favourite Things Song.

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O Tannenbaum and O Christmas Tree is a German Christmas Carol from an Unknown Writer

Posted by fantasticunicorn 6 Jun I've got the DVD of it it is so funny. Report comment number 4. Report comment number 3.

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